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Don't just embrace change, learn to LEAD it and unleash your full potential though the power of Horsemanship.

Dana and Jason

Our Mission

At De Frates Horsemanship, our mission is to provide a safe haven where EVERYONE can live their best lives through the practice of Horsemanship. We have spent over four decades in the saddle: riding, training and competing in a variety of English and Western disciplines, have extensive backgrounds in the education sector, corporate leadership and development training, and are certified by the most trusted names in both the equestrian and E.A.L. industries. ​This combination helps us create meaningful change, build confidence and strengthen relationships, all of which ensures your success, no matter what your dreams entail.

Dana De Frates

Dana started riding before she could walk and grew up dreaming of a career in the equestrian industry. The realities of life in the S.F. Bay Area initially took Dana into the corporate arena, but her equine arena dreams never died.
After a couple traumatic events all
but destroyed her confidence on horseback, Dana used her corporate education expertise and paired those concepts with horsemanship ones to rebuild what she had lost. Once successful, she made it her mission to help others facing similar challenges. Dana uses this unique blend of concepts to help her clients 'Lead the Change' and achieve success, no matter what their equestrian dreams entail.

Jason De Frates

Jason grew up riding steel horses but never had any interest in the real ones. All that changed when he met Dana, and he quickly grew to share her passion for horses. The study of Horsemanship gave Jason a new outlook on life until a horrific accident left him hospitalized and threatened to not only strip him of his new found hobby, but also his confidence.

By utilizing their 'Lead the Change' Principles Jason overcame his fear and regained his confidence, achieving incredible success both in and out of the saddle. Jason felt that this unique blend of theories was so powerful that he convinced Dana it was time to stop dreaming and make her dream of a business in the equine industry a reality.


"Dana is so amazing; I don't know where to start. I am also a teacher; I give riding lessons and ride horses for a living, but Dana is the teacher of teachers. She helps to break down what seem like big, overwhelming problems into small methodical steps that can easily be achieved. I look forward to more learnings with Dana in the future; she is just fantastic and I would highly recommend her to anybody looking for more than just keeping their horse in shape or basic riding lessons. She is a problem solver and finds ways to help you communicate with your horse in a way no one else can.

Mimi Mansour  - Owner of MM Horses /   Half Moon Bay, California




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