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Training on the Trail


on the Trail


Trail Rides with a Purpose

​Do any of these sound like you?

  • You love trail riding but aren't comfortable going alone.


  • You used to trail ride all the time with your old horse, but you've haven't tried it with this one.

  • You want to trail ride, but your horse doesn't.

  • You trail ride solo just fine, but have had problems with groups.

  • Your horse rides fine in groups, but has problems when left alone.

  • You want to trail ride with friends but aren't sure where to go or who to go with.

  • You want to trail ride, but don't know what to do if things go awry.

We've heard it all and more from you over the years and are thrilled to provide you with our answer to all your trail riding challenges. Training on the Trail. We invite you to join us along with a small group of other existing and supportive clients for a monthly trail ride at equine friendly parks in Santa Clara County.


We'll meet at the trail's parking lot, where we both will help you safely prepare for our ride before we head out for our adventure. With both Dana and Jason, along with our tried and true trail mounts guiding the group, each participant will have the support they need every step of the way. You'll practice the tools you've learned with us in the arena and use them under our supervision. We'll simulate the common challenges you may face when trail riding, including but not limited to, leaving the group or being left, riding together when horses have different speed, jigging, refusals, and more. When our ride is done we'll  debrief and answer any questions that may arise. Don't forget to bring your lunch!


This is available to existing clients only so if you haven't worked with us in the past but want to join in on the fun, we'll ask you to come do at least one lesson with us before you join. 

The trail is calling and I must go...

Join us for the ride of your life

  • Coyote Lake - Harvey Bear Ranch: Martin Murphy Trail


    From 75 US dollars
  • Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve: Arrowhead Trail Loop

    Starts May 5

    From 75 US dollars

    Loading availability...

  • Coyote Lake - Harvey Bear Ranch: Harvey Bear Trail

    Starts Jun 2

    From 75 US dollars

    Loading availability...

  • Calero County Park: Los Cerritos Trail

    Starts Jun 30

    From 75 US dollars

    Loading availability...

  • Coyote Lake - Mendoza Ranch Entrance

    Starts Jul 28

    From 75 US dollars

    Loading availability...

  • Rancho Canada Del Oro Open Space Preserve: Mayfair Ranch Trail

    Starts Aug 25

    From 75 US dollars

    Loading availability...

  • Anderson Lake County Park

    Starts Sep 22

    From 75 US dollars

    Loading availability...

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