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We are proud to offer you and your equine partner
the environment, knowledge, & support you need to 


unlock your full potential, and live your best life.

Whether you've been riding for decades or are brand new to the saddle, join us and a small group of like-minded people and learn to do more than just improve your riding skills.
You will build confidence, increase your focus, achieve your goals, and make new friends, all while strengthening your partnership with your horse. 

Attend a clinic and you will learn tons while having tons of fun. Improve your horsemanship, your confidence, and your skills while you make new friends and achieve your equestrian goals.  


If you can't commit to a full weekend clinic, want to try out new skills, or get a a chance to practice what you've already learned, join one of our half day Skill Labs.

Each 1/2 day session is focused on one topic and includes beautiful laminated handouts to help you retain all the great knowledge you'll gain. 

We invite you to join us along with a small group of other existing and supportive clients for a monthly trail ride at equine friendly parks around Santa Clara County where we will address all your trail riding challenges, enjoy beautiful scenary, and make new friends.

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Our private ​​or semi-private lessons are focused on building the skills you and your horse need to reach your goals, making you both better partners and improving your relationship. Our goal is for you to reach yours so you no longer need lessons!

Restoring harmony to any broken relationship requires intensive therapy. We work with you and your horse individually to ensure you are both equipped with the communication tools necessary to rebuild your relationship before we work on repairing your dynamic.   

We believe that one size definitely does not fit all, especially when learning is involved. Our training program starts with a thorough evaluation of the horse: what they know, how they learn, what pieces of the puzzle might be missing, and builds from there. This thorough approach increases the horses confidence, thereby increasing confidence in the rider as well!

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