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Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Take lessons with us and do more than just improve your riding skills.
You will build confidence and learn to make your horse even better by putting the Four Pillars of Horsemanship into action as you Lead the Change in your relationship with equine partner and with yourself!

Our goal is for you to to reach yours so you no longer need lessons!  

Private and semi-private lessons are available on your horse at our facility, Flying P Ranch, located in Gilroy, CA. If you are traveling to learn with us, or can only do the occasional lesson, we highly suggest our 2 hour lesson format. We love the 2 hour format so much we discount the hourly rate!

Lesson Availability & Pricing

We offer Private and Semi-Private lessons on your horse Thursdays-Sundays by appointment

Private Lessons
1 hour - $75
2 hours - $135

Semi-Private Lessons (2-3 People)
1 hour - $65/person
2 hours - $115/person


Monthly Lesson Packages

Monthly packages are valid for four (4) pre-scheduled lessons within the applicable month and do not carry over month to month. Client may reschedule with 24hr notice, a total of two times within the time period. Any further reschedule requests, or requests made with less than 24 hours notice, may be permitted at Trainers discretion or will constitute a forfeit of said lesson. Reschedule requests due to weather, or at the trainers request, do not count towards this limit.

Private Monthly Lesson Package

1 hour - $270

2 hours - $480

Semi-Private Monthly Lesson Package (2-3 People)

1 hour - $235/person

2 hours - $420/person

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