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Horses are supposed to be fun...

But sometimes they become our worst nightmare.

This horse was your dream come true,

but something changed your relationship and more and more problems are keeping you from enjoying your time together. When you feel that nothing can stop the downward spiral you and your horse are on, it is one of the worst feelings in the world. You may be considering finding your beloved friend a new home, getting out of horses entirely, or in the worst of cases, you may even be thinking of humanely euthanizing your 'problem horse'. Without strong and compassionate support the situation is overwhelming. We get it because we have been there; it's why we chose to start De Frates Horsemanship in the first place and it is our honor, and our mission in life, to support you through this tough time. 

Relationship Rescue

Restoring harmony to any broken relationship requires intensive therapy.
We work with you and your horse individually to ensure you are both equipped with the communication tools necessary to rebuild your relationship before we work on repairing your team dynamic.   

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Horse Training

Your horse will go into training with us to address the root cause of their issues, fill in any holes and learn a healthier form of communication.


While you watch your horse's progress, you will learn this new way of communicating through lessons on one of our trusted equine partners.


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Once you and your horse are speaking the same language, you will attend a private mini-clinic to rebuild your relationship.


It all starts with a thorough evaluation of you and your horse's unique situation. We need to learn about you and your horses' history, your future goals, as well as unpack what is happening in the present to complicate your relationship. This evaluation will allow us to create a proposal for recovery that will outline the training both you and your horse need to become a successful team again. It is our mission, and our business, to fix what is broken, but in the rare chance we don't feel a recovery can be made, you can trust us to give you our honest evaluation and support you in any next steps. 



Problem Horse... it's a label, a stereotype, a dirty word that should be eliminated from the industries vocabulary. Instead of labeling your horse, we do a little detective work to uncover the root cause of the unwanted behavior or undesirable habit. Once we have addressed any medical or physical issues, we teach your horse how to communicate with humans in a more appropriate manner when things that have previously caused anxiety, pain, or frustration happen, replacing the previous bad habits with open communication. Turn fear into curiosity. 


It is ridiculously hard to admit, and even harder to say, but if you are having a problem with your horse, you are a part of the problem. Far too often when our horses exhibit dangerous and unwanted behavior, and do so frequently, we become overwhelmed and lose our confidence, and even worse, we become fearful.

Fear is a byproduct of knowledge, specifically, fear is knowledge of the problem without knowledge of, or confidence in, the solution. Being a part of the problem does not mean you are at fault, or have done anything wrong, but you will need to play an active role in the solution to restore your relationship. To take the stress and fear out of the equation, you will work with one of our trusted horses to restore the strong, confident partner your horse needs you to be in order to lead the change in your partnership.



It doesn't happen overnight, but it won't take years either. Once you and your horse are feeling confident on your own, then we are ready to work on your relationship. During your individual studies you will each have learned a new language, the same language, but because each of us are unique individuals and our bodies work in their own special ways, you and your horse will need time together to decipher each others specific accents to be successful. Over the course of a few days you and your horse will progress through a series of exercises and challenges specifically designed to help you build the type of partnership you've always dreamed of having with your best friend. 

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