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Sun, Jul 28



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Sat, Aug 3



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Sat, Aug 17


2024 Schedule

We can not wait to work with you!

Can't Attend?
Audit Instead

Don't have an equine partner of your own? Not able to bring your horse to a clinic? Want to see what all the fuss is about before you commit to working with us? Consider auditing.

When you audit a clinic or skill lab with us you will have a front row seat to all the action. Learn about our methods and theories during our classroom sessions and take copious notes to help you at home. Follow us around the arena as we work with participants. Ask us all your questions and get our honest answers. Really, the only difference between participating and auditing is that you won't have your equine partner with you, and because we don't get to see you two in action, the support we can provide you will of course be hypothetical. 

Auditing is available at all of our Clinics except for Managing Your Fear, and all of our Skill Labs except Tack Fitting & Cleaning, and Equine Fitness and Nutrition. Check out our full schedule of events and sign up for the matching audit date. 

Audit a Clinic for $25/day. Audit a Skill Lab for $20/day
Register now to get all the details and pay in person or online.

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